Creating a Successful Business - Working with a Business Owner
Client Persona

Dr. Smith has a successful medical practice in which his time and focus is on his patients and mastering his respective discipline. He has a CPA and HR company that are doing his payroll and taxes, but they don’t talk to each other. With his focus on his patients, the company has no effective tax plan, no employee retention program, no cohesive investment strategy, and limited creditor protection and asset protection. Additionally, he has no succession plan and no estate plan in place for retirement or in case of his death.

Main Goal

Help Dr. Smith develop strategies to better manage and protect the business, maximize owner deferrals, and minimize taxes.


  • Employee Benefits 
  • Estate & Succession  
  • Tax Strategy  
  • Asset Management 
  • Cash Management

Conclusion and Outcome

It has been invaluable to shine a light on the deficiencies in the practice by implementing a program that is empirically tested and science-driven. We worked with both the CPA and the payroll company to coordinate benefits. We implemented a cohesive employee benefit program that favors the principals of the company. There is now peace of mind knowing that Dr. Smith has prepared for the next chapter. Monetarily, his assets are working as hard as he is, and he has minimized his tax burden. Finally, his employee turnover has reduced as he has benefits in place to incentivize their contribution to the success of the practice.

*This is a hypothetical client example in a financial planning situation that may be proposed in this scenario.

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